Introvert’s Formula to Get Clients (make sales without being pushy)

Topic: Gaining Trust

Mistake #1: – All or None Approach

Mistake #2: – Careless of Your Personal Energy

Fab Four #3: Genuine and Trustworthy with One Conversation Partner

See these Videos:

VIDEO #1: Use this Fab 4 Introvert Advantage – (4 min. 57 sec.)

VIDEO #2: Create Trust – Use Engaging Questions & Follow-up Questions (4 min. 26 sec.)

VIDEO #3:  Use a Pattern that is BETTER Than an Elevator Speech — How to Do Well at Networking — Watch this Related VIDEO – (9 min. 55 sec.)

VIDEO #4: How to Create a Compelling STORY to Enroll Clients – (8 min. 44 seconds)

AUDIO #1: How to Pivot in the Moment When in an Enrollment Call. How to Stay Strong so You Can Hold the “Sacred Space” so the Prospective Client Feels the Pain that Gets Them to Enroll – Audio – Question and Answer Session – (47 min. 52 seconds)

Topic: Speaking

Fab Four #4: Find Your Strength in Using a Preset Strategy

Use Skills to Express CHARISMA

VIDEO #5:  Use Patterns so You Express Charisma (including the “Reflective Reply”) – VIDEO – (9 min. 58 sec.)